Catholic church - essay

The Renaissance changed everyone's view of the world in three different ways. Art, reason & science, and embracing this life. All these ways helped people show their skills and become famous like Raphael, Michelangelo, and William Shakespeare. These people all were from the Renaissance.

Since the beginning of time

Since the beginning of time, humans have tried their very best to give logic to the world around them. Logic not in the sense that they desired the truth of the matter, but anything that would offer them a false comprehension that would lead their lives a linear path.

Zootopia - essay

The movie Zootopia is filled with comical characters and adorable animals, but if you pay closer attention to the details of the film you can see that it contains a much higher level of depth. It targets many stereotypes like how everyone at the DMV is slow or that it’s only okay when other bunnies call eachother cute but it’s offensive when other animals say it.